Stainless Steel Sculpture

 The first section of this web site covers my stainless steel sculpture in the figurative form. Most of my work in the last thirty years is figurative art. I utilize abstract yet recognizable elements. The theme of my work is the human condition or relationship. In my sculpture, there is no one-to-one relation of the sculptured form to the human body. A given work is not limited to a torso, four limbs, and a head. That's just one thing you could do. I try to use odd numbers of body parts as much as possible in my figures. Sculpture seems to work best using odd numbers of elements, three arms for example, or fragments of paired parts. I use voids to represent arms, chest, and heads as much as possible. My hope is that these works capture a piece of our time and bring more beauty, thought and significance to our world, now and for generations to come. 

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Rhea Sculpture

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