The Cosmos Sculptures

 The Cosmos Art Series can be defined in terms of cosmology and the study of galaxies, alternative universes, black holes and stars. I am interested in the origin, structure, and space-time relationships of the universe. I utilize stainless steel arcs and spiral elements with painted wooden spheres that combine to form structure.

These works revel in the poetry of space, the movement and energy of planets and stars as they take part in the choreography of the universe. The rhythms of nature and physics, of music and color, of temperature and density will come into play. The theme for some of these sculptures is our habitat. The butterfly represents the most fragile living thing on the planet. At the same time the Earth is the most fragile living planet in our universe. Photos of planet Earth are from  NASA which gives a unique way of looking back at our global habitat. The further we stand back from the Earth the more we appreciate its beauty and vulnerability.

On a clear night in the dark of space, we can see the endless sea of stars and planets. It is the universe outside our world, but our world as well, because we perceive it and move through it. 

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